Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Bloggers Party: Social Media, Nation Building and Bloggers for Development

At the serenading luxurious ambience of the Sandralia Hotel, Jabi Abuja, the 3rd annual Bloggers Party  held on Wednesday, Dec. 16 2015.

It was a blueprint event hosted by bloggers and had in attendance professionals from all walks of life! They came, graced the red carpet, had fun, networked, committed to use Social media for Nation building, endorsed the SDG goals, and made history!

The who is who's in the Nigerian Blogosphere who were in attendance include Blossom Ozurumba, Jecinta Keshy of Abuja Events and Places, Michael Semiye, Obinna Chukwuezie, Jenny Chisom, Belema Hart of Tatafo Naija, Alex Nwankwo of Alex Reports, Isa Ozo of Abuja Facts, Deka Uhiara of Just Farb Blog, Olu Joseph, Onyenkachi Kingsley Anumata, Sunny Davids of Soulmedia, Chris Chukwunyere of 24karatslife, Charles Onyeukwu of 234jam, and especially famous Bonario Nnags the Senate President of Linda Ikeji's Blog and Nokia Ambassador amongst others.

Celebrity OAPs in attendance were Femi D Amele of NigeriaInfo, Ernest of NigeriaInfo as well as Lynda Okpala. Among Media and PR Moguls who were sighted at the Red carpet was Obiianuju Asika of Leadership Newspaper Online and also Jerry Emmanson. Another multimedia personality spotted was Joseph Ibeh and the Vision FM Abuja crew.

The party surprised bloggers who won awards in 6 categories: The Award winners who also stepped up to receive their awards in awe were  Blossom Ozurumba for Best Advocacy Blog, Tatafo Naija for Blog of the Year, Abuja Facts for Best Abuja Niche Blog, Abuja Events and Places for Most Improved Abuja Blog, Simon Ateba for Blogger of the Year and also another personal contribution award that went to Apolmida Haruna Tsammani who won as Best Blogger-community Supporter!

This event have in 2014 named Chukwudi Iwuchukwu Blog as the 'Blog of the Year'.

Sponsors for this event who were also thanked specially with awards for their selfless contribution to blogosphere include Vogue Pay - Nigeria's best online payment gateway, Soulmedia Communications - a multimedia company, Dream Weavers - one of Nigeria's most value adding event management company, Career Intelligence - a company focused on ending unemployment in Nigeria and the Mike Omotosho Foundation whose owner is also the Governor of Rotary Club. Linus Okorie of GOTNI also supported the event. Other support sponsors were Etisalat who provided souvenirs for all bloggers and guests.

Celebrity cinematographer, Maqphos of Maqphos Media documented the event in photos and was a red carpet delight.

The party with the theme "Social media and Nation building" was anchored by lifestyle news blogger Cynthia Anaele of NaijaCynth blog and newbie blogger, Destiny of iBank blog and they had such a connection that made all party guests groovy.

Keynote speakers were Simon Ateba who gisted about how far Social media has come and why it is no more business as usual for any blogger who wants to make impact. Jecinta Keshy also gave Top 5 tips for using social media for impact!

Award moderators for the evening were Deka Uhiara of Just Farb Blog, Olajide Aribisala of GroundBreakers Forum, Jecinta Keshy, Michael Semiye of Dean Initiative, Jenny Chisom and Alex Nwankwo.

The high point of the event was the endorsement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by all bloggers and sponsors present, moderated by Mike Semiye. This photo ceremony showed that bloggers have embraced using their blogs to develop Nigeria and the photogs are loud!

It can no more be gainsayed that Nigerian bloggers have indeed taken the lead in ensuring a better represented nation and become committed to ethical reportage.

Sandralia hotel Abuja known for its classy luxury took all party guests to see their facilities showing off their exquisite unparalleled services as a hospitality brand that have come to stay.

In the words of the bloggers, the party was a first of a kind and the organisation and ambience was classy and fun! Others said they have become even more committed to do more by being more offline relevant with their blog influence and expand their offerings in the next year.

Abuja Events and Places Blog was the official event manager for the event.

The Bloggers Party in Nigeria is a brand initiative of LOGiN Bloggers Network, an Alumni of Bloggers groomed by the Logos Audibles company.

Logos Audibles is a content development, editing and publishing company that have helped authors and provided media content since 2010. Other brands by Logos Audibles apart from Bloggers Party are Social Media Job Fair (Enugu), Blog Smart HangOut (Abuja), Social Media Meet Up (Lagos) and Editors Connect (Abuja)!



Friday, 6 March 2015


Being in a relationship of any sort can be a hard task especially when one party becomes overly dependent on the other, this is usually when emotional abuse can arise. 

Emotional abuse involves any verbal aggression or dominant behavior and jealous behavior. This kind of abuse is emotional rather than physical and that makes it very dangerous because more often than not people die in silence because it can go unnoticed by those around the victim unless he/she speaks out. We have of cases of suicide today because the victim is undergoing a situation and no one seems to notice or care. This happens because unlike physical abuse, there is no visible sign.

The victim’s emotions here are well manipulated to suit the abuser’s need. It gets to a point whereby the victim becomes overly dependent on the abuser and his/her emotional needs no longer matter. In emotional abuse, we allow someone else define who we are.

Sometimes verbal abuse can be so bad that you actually start believing what your partner says. You begin to think you are stupid, ugly and fat. You agree that nobody else will ever want to be in a relationship with you. Constantly being criticized and told you aren’t good enough causes you to lose confidence and lowers your self-esteem. As a result you may start to blame yourself for your partner’s abusive behavior. (CURTSEY:

The truth is that emotional abuse is never your fault and you don’t deserve it. A partner uses that to keep the victim trapped in the relationship. There is no point staying in a relationship that is slowly draining the life out of you. You should talk to someone about it, be it a family member, friend or someone you trust. You cant continue being in a place or situation where you are treated as less than you are. You deserve more. There are a lot of people out there ready to give you what you yearn for. Though as the saying goes “life gives you what you demand and not what you deserve as it ought to be”.